Many, especially among the young, attributed to sports clothing important from the aesthetic point of view: just be trendy. Often one does not think of convenience and practicality of clothing suitable for the exercises to be carried out, as, rather, to be “trend”. Nothing could be more wrong because the garments worn in the gym must first of all be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. This is then the starting point but in recent times the tendency, especially for young people, is to use the garments elastic, antiperspirants and colorful. The consequences of this “approach” to the sports they are rather annoying: if you are using a fabric made predominantly of synthetic material, for example, can easily lead to dermatitis, eczema or allergic reactions that manifest with burning, itching and redness of the skin, but not only: Dermatitis that is neglected or not properly treated, can degenerate into a fungal infection, a skin infection very difficult to eradicate.

What then is the appropriate attire to train in the gym? Certainly, the “classic” trousers or shorts, of cotton large and comfortable, a t-shirt with short sleeves and a sweatshirt, because in the transition from one room to another, it will be good to cover if you are sweaty, so as to avoid unpleasant colds or a sore throat that almost always, in the case of cooling, you can turn into sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Moreover, it is not difficult to understand how you should dress when doing sports, it is enough to observe instructors and personal trainers who work in gyms; another idea to copy to professional sports is to learn how to dress “in layers” so you can “lighten” the moment it is needed. In the stage of heating it is generally fatigued a little, and then you can stay covered, but when the workout gets more intense, you should get rid of the bulky clothing. Let’s see in detail what are the right shoes to wear when you practice sports?.


Those comfortable and seamless are definitely the most accredited: can be long if you attended, for example, the room with the machinery for the augmentation of the muscles, where the movements are rather “static” and constant. The shorts instead are particularly suitable if you decide to “deal with” the treadmill for a fast walk or a run.

Always choose pants made with quality fabrics and, even if attracted by the bright colors, check that the garment is not “string” and not lose the color. Even the pants or shorts antiperspirants or acrylic can create problems, because the sweat is not well absorbed and stagnates on the skin, creating unsightly redness. Therefore pay attention to the fabric and not to be attracted by the colors too flamboyant, and choose pants that have the right requirements. For those attending the spinning classes (sports discipline in which you ride a bike fixed in the ground), there are special shorts reinforced to avoid the repercussions of riding fast: there are in commerce of all types and forms, but generally are used by professionals in those cuffs. Fitness (aerobics, step, modern dance, etc..) are usually used for shorts, brightly colored and microfiber, a fabric that, in general, does not create any problem to the skin.


The t-shirts of cotton with short sleeves are usually the ones that athletes wear in the gym: they are comfortable, spacious, and allow you to move with agility. Are used by those who train in the halls, with the machinery, while for spinning it is easier to see the “bikers” dressed in vests, colorful, often elasticated. The teenager instead prefers especially for all the disciplines related to fitness, t-shirts, colored microfiber or corsets and top fashion.


A separate discussion deserves the shoes: you need to choose them well because in this case, the problems that may result from a poor posture (created by the shoes) they are really numerous and difficult of solution. First of all, the shoes that you use for any sporting discipline, they must all, necessarily, have a footed inside: never use those totally low because in this case, the repercussions arising from the movements are not “muffled” and there is a risk for muscle cramps and back pain. The back pain, in particular, represents a real nightmare for athletes and those who practice disciplines at a competitive level, and almost always the cause of this complicated disease, are the shoes. How to choose the right ones? For the exercises to strengthening the muscles, are shown simple sneakers (strictly with the footed inside) because the movements with the legs are really short. Fitness, however, will be a good idea to use shoes that contain ankle joint, because, in this discipline, the movements are rather fast and quick, and the distortions are a problem almost daily for many people: the movements performed with the legs, in fact, are very fast and in time to the music and if the ankle is not well “supported” might yield easily. Finally, for lovers of biking, there are marketing shoes with special attacks embedded beneath the plant, which integrates perfectly with the attacks, which is usually what the bike has.

So these are the essential elements to keep in mind when you decide to start practicing any kind of sports activity. As for the accessories, is always to carry a heart rate monitor that is “calibrated” for every single person (based on the weight, age, etc…). This simple tool ( which can be purchased at any sports store), will give the cadence of the exact heartbeat, so as to be able to slow down the activity when you realize you overdo it. Finally, the real professional of the gym, he will bring with him, besides all the things listed, even a bottle of water (minimum one liter) to replenish the mineral salts lost with the fatigue and a towel over her shoulders to sweat. Of course, a rule valid for all, the true sportsman will respect with the utmost seriousness to the rules of the gym and will take a correct behavior with other “colleagues”